Heartless EP

by Heartless

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Julian Herrera: Guitar
Dan East: Bass
Mike Parsram: Vocals
Matt Campbell: Guitar
Jim Perrot: Drums


released April 13, 2011

Recorded at Newcomb Studios
All songs written by Heartless
Art by Kara Le
Guest vocals on Bottomfeeder by James Talep



all rights reserved


Heartless Toronto, Ontario

5 guys from Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario making some noise.


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Track Name: Sinatra
i've been plagued with hate; you're a disease slowly eating my insides.
burn this away.
I feel you watching...waiting, and I hear you breathing,
so strangle this conflict at the source
trust me, this is for the better
you fucking cancer, poisoning my blood
destroy everything we've built...destroy me
you are all what is truly wrong with this world; another trend, another life to imitate
you're out of your mind if you think this is how things were meant to be
you've got to be out of your fucking minds
I've come to bury you and everything you stand for
wading waist-high in rivers of shit, you tend to get used to the smell of defeat
but i will not cope, aware of the failures, we will not abide or breathe a sigh of relief
set fire to them all, you will fear me
spit upon the face of defeat, you will fear me
bring the noise
wall to wall, bodies piled high
look me in the eyes and back down
mindless...swing those arms...act hard
just make sure you're doing what fits
you are not my family
you are not my brothers
you are not my friends
we do not walk the same path. you are and always will be nothing.
fuck all of you. burn alive. die. pure hate.
Track Name: Atlas
this is the longest i've ever felt so fucking alive
my footsteps ripple the earth, makes waves in the oceans and split these mountains
there's something so soothing in watching you cry as the world closes in around you
while everything falls apart
living one failure at a time, i will ascend with this strength
i carry this weight and i wear the scars proudly
we all lose hope. never lose hope!
i am never going to stop and i will never lose focus
the very fabric of my existence is dedicated to this, i'm yours
you'll never take our hearts away from us
you'll never have to carry me
you will never have to carry...you will never have to carry me
i can feel this weight on the back of my fucking shoulders
we will not break, i fucking promise, we won't break
as long as we draw breath, this will not end
(and i know now, this is all i've wanted)
i will never, i will never give up on this
i will never give in, i'm holding on for as long as these hands have strength
and i will never fall apart, not while my hands still hold strength
i will not fall
Track Name: Deadtime
Hold your breath, my son
there's more to this, i can assure you
peel your skin back, bleed out onto the page
i always knew it was your tired face amongst the crowds
we all die alone...i've lost myself in dreams...don't ever wake me
i'll never be at peace again so long as i am awake
sleeping through the rest of my life just to be alone forever
and leave me nothing but my thoughts
these dreams, these fucking people, they will never change
i've given up on consciousness
i've given up on all of you
everything you've ever stood for is wasting away
everything you've ever loved has died
and our dreams are burned and buried,
set aside while we spend each day lacking a sense of purpose
and i am losing my fucking mind over how unfortunate our lives have become
with eyelids sewn shut, i'm sickened
living in a confluence of dreams, drowning in darkness
i am so far gone
i've lost myself in dreams, don't ever wake me up
Track Name: Hostility
Shove your head in the water and breathe in deeply
fuck your pride
there's a fire nested in the pit of my stomach
reach in and pull my insides out
show exactly what you gained from this
you almost destroyed me
i'm trying to keep my composure but you boil the blood running through me
and i know this holds me back
but i can no longer look you in the face without begging the sky to come crashing down below
it feels like i am walking alone
don't you dare fucking tell me that you're the only one hurting
i'd rather bury myself alive than shelter these visions of a medicated you in my head
you're wasting your whole life away,
these burdens i won't carry spending the hours in a haze
i'm not sorry, i need you out of my misery
good riddance and goodbye you fucking waste of time
i don't believe in your escapes, nor do i believe in you
wallow in your filth alone
i'll never forget who i am
i'll never let something so stupid get the best of me
where were you? where the fuck were you when i needed you?
you've been lead astray, but i will never falter
i refuse to become just like you
i won't let this go to waste or ever focus on the failures
there are only so many times i can turn a blind eye
i should thank you for showing me the life i never wanted to lead
but that's more gratification than you'll ever deserve
Track Name: Bottomfeeder
Their cries will go unheard
so cover the streets, blanket the earth in panicked cries, end to end
i, destroyer
all these misguided mothers carrying bodies of their dead infants
all hope is lost in the lifeless eyes of the living
we stood on the shoulders of giants, laying waste to everything in this world
dishonour reigns, forefronts our demise
worldwide flat-line
spawn of destruction, make no mistake, lives will be lost.
flood the earth
cast these bodies to the sea. give yourself up willingly
drag these bodies to the sea. swallowed whole, lifelessly
the waters are rising to claim the last of the living...
as the dead float to the surface and death silences all,
a final hush falls over a dead continent and the voice of millions will go unheard
i can't breathe anymore...
this consumes me...i'm drowning...this consumes me...i'm drowning
the air has been stolen from my lungs
how much of this was my fault? was this worth dying for?
what the fuck have we become? we are but burdens and the dawn will never come again
no, the sun will never rise again
when there are no tears left to cry
the oceans swell and fill our eyes
no tears...no tears...